It is A Wise Idea To Raise Your Own Herbs

You may well not want to spend the time it takes to manage a garden of fruits or vegetables. An herb garden might be something to think about if perhaps your time is limited. Even though it might not sound like much, if you are using herbs in your cooking, you will always have fresh herbs. Thankfully, there are many herbs that you can select to have in your garden. If you're unable to choose which herbs to grow, simply search in your kitchen and find ones that you use regularly.
This way your herbs will be fresh and you won't be forced to pay for them at the grocery store. For starters, you might like to plant parsley, rosemary, chives, sage, mint, basil and dill in addition to others. It is best that the dirt you choose for your herbs is able to drain out the water so it won't sit and cause your herbs to rot. When it seems as if the water isn't draining, you can dig about a foot deep into the dirt and add a layer of crushed rocks then cover it up with soil. This is going to give the water a way to empty out.
It might be tempting to buy more expensive plants for your garden once you start out but you shouldn't do that. This is a better idea to simply grow your herbs from a seed and it is less expensive. Certain herbs grow really fast, like mint, which could take over your whole garden in only days. Aggressive plants should be planted in containers, with holes in the bottom for drainage, and this will prevent the problem. When you harvest your herbs, you will have to be cautious. If the plants may not be healthy enough, they might die if you start picking on the leaves.
It is probably best not to touch your herbal plants for a couple of months before you get started using them. Your herbs are going to survive for many years if you are willing to wait in the beginning. Once they are robust enough, you will be able to use the herbs for cooking. You have to dry them out for starters, which may be done easily by putting them on a cookie sheet, and baking them for 2 to 4 hours at 170 degrees Fahrenheit. Once they are dehydrated, you can effectively flavor your dishes by consulting a cookbook for instructions.
An herb garden is great to experience if you want to garden and you enjoy working with herbs when you cook. You will proceed through some experimentation when you start your herb garden. However once you have your garden growing, you can easily harvest them and make use of them for your recipes.

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